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Nguyen Thanh Binh was born in 1954 in Hanoi.  He graduated from the Hanoi College of Fine Art in 1972, and went on to specialise in oil painting at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art University. 

Binh is well known for his works depicting female figures wearing the white Ao Dai dress.  He also draws his inspiration from classical music and his daughter, a ballerina. He says: “Fine Art is not about philosophy or literature, but about music”. Binh’s other source of inspiration is Japanese poetry, Haiku. As a Haiku poem where a few lines can carry a lot of meaning, his paintings unveil meaningful images executed in simple, but poignant brush strokes. “A Haiku is a very small poem containing only three lines, but it’s meaning is enormous.  Paintings can also convey an immense significance with few colours and details”, says Binh. 

Binh likens his preference for simplicity in composition and design to his own way of life, citing he wants to express the happiness and sorrow of the Vietnamese souls in his works. Binh also does not just see females for their physical forms but is inspired by the sense of each woman, that elusive feminine mystery that can change like the wind. The sense of movement each woman has when she sits, stands, or lies down, whether dancing or playing sport or working, tells a story about who she is as an individual as well as other stories when she is with other people. Although Binh has been influenced by western art and its aesthetics, his art falls well within the philosophical and aesthetic sphere of Asia.  

From 1885 to 2016 Binh staged several solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam and overseas such as Hongkong, Tokyo, Dubai, Miami, New York, London and Paris.
Binh’s use of space is a very significant factor and an integral part of his works.  His signature tone is white, brown, beige, and grey.  

Throughout his career Binh has staged several solo shows and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Australia, USA, France, Belgium and UK.  Binh is a member of Vietnam Fine Art Association. 


Oil on canvas

​Young Ladies in Ao Dai

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The Performance

Oil on canvas