Nguyen Minh Nam was born in 1978 in Bac Ninh province, north of Hanoi. He studied in Bac Ninh College for Talents and furthered his studies in the Vietnam University of Fine Art. He graduated from the university in 2008.

During the period 2008 – 2017, Nam staged six solo exhibitions in Vietnam and oversea,  and joined several group exhibitions from 2005.

Nam takes an interest in the cultures, especially Vietnamese culture. His paintings relate to the values and differences between the new and old lifestyles, and conflicts between them. With a very unique technique and “see through” style, the artist expresses his feelings and observations about the human’s true values and morale, truth and lies, simplicity or arrogance in the modern world.


Solo Exhibition

2017:  “The lasting  of tradition in modernity “ in Berlin, Germany

2016: ”Fading Memories, Vietnam

2015:  “Once Upon A Splendor Part II”, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

           “Once Upon A Splendor, Hanoi, Vietnam
2012:  Solo exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam

2008:  “Human Draft”, Hanoi, Vietnam

Group exhibition

2017: “Kha The”, Hanoi, Vietnam. Nam won First Prize in “Viet Art Today” exhibition for

           Vietnamese professional painters in HCMC in the same year.

2011: “Vietnamese Godfather”, Hanoi
2010: “Silent” Om Studio

2016: “One Grand Show”, HCMC Vietnam

2016 :  Won prize at Hong Delta Region Exhibition

2011  : "Vietnamese Conglomerates" in Hanoi, Vietnam

2011  : “Self Portrait" by Dogma Collection

2010 : “I Am” in Hanoi

2008 : “Oil Paintings” exhibition in Hanoi

2007 : “Boundary” exhibition in Hanoi "

2007 : “Young Artist Club” exhibition in Hanoi

2005 : "Three Eyes” exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam.

"I endeavour to be better in observing the universe and surrounding, to witness the intricate changes of the people and its cultures, especially in the Vietnamese" - Nguyen Minh Nam

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