Aarusha front view



Title: "Aarusha" 

Medium: Carrara Marble contemporary sculpture

Size: H66cm x W60cm x D10cm

Artist: Mel Fraser MRSS


"Sunrise" (Aarusha) is a magnificient work created by British sculptor Mel Fraser, a Member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. 


  • Info

    "Aarusha"s stone came from a quarry in Tuscany, Italy, where Mel Fraser often travells to and chose materials for her work.

    "Mel is a famous perfectionist, using purity of line and finish to play the loveliest games with light and shadow"

    "A girl is born, added to earth,
    but the light lightness lightly lands like angel’s wings,
    white solid snow gleaming within,
    full beating hearts wisping into feathers
    into petals that shimmer and pulse. ...  "

    Poem by Philip Ward in response to Mel Fraser's sculptures



    Mel Fraser is a self-taught sculptor specialising in stone. Her works have been shown at a numerous art fairs around Europe, London and New York, and at prestigious shows such as the Chelsea Flower Show and On Form, the UK’s most prestigious sculpture exhibition devoted solely to stone.

    Mel’s works are held by collectors all over the world. One of the big commissions saw her sculpture installed in Frank Gehry’s famous Opus Building in Hong Kong. Mel has also created a larger than life sized piece of 3 figures in Kilkenny limestone for one of the country’s largest trade unions.

    Mel is a Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. She now dedicates her time working on abstract and figurative pieces for new projects from her studio in Cambridge.​