The artwork comes with a display perspex box  40cm x 40cm. 

Plinth for the artwork is available.


    Rene Rilexie is a London based artist, after moving from New York to expand her career. Renee's earlier work reflects her relationship with music, colours and sound frequency, this includes large scale paintings and interactive sensory installations.

    Her work has become informed by scientific research into the human mind and function of the brain.

    Her current body of work “100% Human” started in 2015, exploring the human condition in a digital era and raising the question… Where does humanity end and technology begin and the effects of melding human and machine in mind and body.  

    This is not a statement to preach about technology, but to raise awareness of the over use in our daily lives and how to stop ourselves from loosing the balance and rhythm of life. 

    This body of work have been widely received and seen as current and relevant to our modern day society.

    Renee has a special interest in the practice of silence, our oneness in humanity, and the power of art to promote personal transformation.