Artist: Simi Godagama

Size: H100cm x W100cm approx., framed ready to hang.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Certificate of Authenticity.


  • About the artist

    Self taught artist Simi Godagama started painting when she was a child as a coping mechanism for her own trauma. Essentially engaging in artistic expression as a therapeutic intervention, which children naturally gravitate towards. Her work portrays the power of experience, provoking the observer to inquire deeper into their own. Simi's art gently invites a state of mindfulness and self discovery through loose minimalistic watercolour in the pairing of life’s beautiful creatures. 

    One of Simi's newest creations, "Bee and Blume" series where a bumble bee, sometimes seen delivering a blue flower to a bunny and others, highlight the transcendental opportunities of experience and connection in engendering hope, self discovery and learning. These are also the first artworks Simi shared to the world and they were highly regarded by art lovers.