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Bui Tien Tuan

Bui Tien Tuan was born in 1971 in Hoi An, Quang Nam province of Vietnam. He studied silk painting at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art University, where he is currently lecturing.

Tuan's preferred medium of expression is silk and lacquer. Painting on silk, according to the artist, is not just his passion but also determination to to preserve and develop the fine art form that he thought to be an important part of Vietnam’s cultural heritage. 


In his paintings, Tuan portrays women in a contemporary language. His dynamic and charming women live in an imaginary world, floating free from day to day preoccupations. The women’s figures become more lively and charming thanks to delicacy and feminine essence of silk.  


Tuan recently staged a critically acclaimed solo exhibition of lacquer works and paper paintings (traditional handmade paper, Dzo). Lacquer, Silk and Dzo are fundamentally different materials, and that shows evidences of Tuan’s craft mastery and range as an artist. In 2017 his first book featuring silk art was introduced to the market.

Tuan won Silver Medal at National Exhibition of Vietnam 2010. His paintings have been collected  by Vietnam Fine Art Museum, Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Museum and collectors worldwide.

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