Bui Trong Du

Bui Trong Du was born in 1976 in Hai Phong, Vietnam. Du studied at Vietnam Fine Art University and graduated in 2002. The artist’s favourite medium is lacquer on wood and he likes to use different materials such as egg shell, mother of pearl, silver and gold leaf to highlight details and beautify his works. His simplicity style speaks a volume and his use of striking colours always brings about a very calm and peaceful feeling.


Du’s inspiration is Vietnamese women in traditional dress, Ao Dai – “to me, the image of ladies in Ao Dai is the typical Vietnamese beauty – gentle, discrete yet very charming”. Birds and fishes appear a lot in his paintings - they come from his memory of childhood growing up in the countryside, caring for buffalos on the fields. 



​​Bui Trong Du was awarded 2nd Prize at Hanoi Art Exhibition in 2005 and won Young Artist of Vietnam prize in 2006.


2018: Solo Exhibition "Summer" in Hanoi, Vietnam

          Group Exhibition "May" at Vietnam Fine Art Museum

2017: Group exhibition "Charm and Beauty"  in Myanmar 

2016: Group exhibitions in Hanoi and Hai Phong, Vietnam

2015: Group Exhibition "Gems of Vietnam" in London, by Hanoi Art House

           Group exhibition "Today and Forever" at Vietnam Fine Art Museum

2014: Exhibition at Hai phong Fine Art Museum
           Group exhibition tour in Korea, Malaysia, Australia, USA, France
2013: Exhibition at Hanoi Fine Art UNESCO Centre, Hanoi

           Vietnamese Artists exhibition at Renner Cultural House, France

           Group exhibition at Hai Phong Fine Art Exhibition
2012: “Today and Forever” in Hai Phong, Vietnam
2011: “Open Lacquer” Exhibition, USA
2011: Exhibition at Van Ho exhibition hall, Hanoi
2011: “Energy” exhibition at Club Exhibition hall, Ngo Quyen, Hanoi
2010: Young Artists Club exhibition, Hanoi
2009: “Long Bien Festival” exhibition, Hanoi
2007: Vietnam Fine Art Exhibition in Rennes, France
2005: Vietnam National Fine Art Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City
2004: Group exhibition in Hanoi
2002: UNESCO Fine Art Exhibition in Hanoi