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Phuong Quoc Tri

Self-taught artist Phuong Quoc Tri  was born into an artist family. Having to make a living from a young age, Tri did not have the opportunity to go to art school. With his innate talent and the artistic environment at home, Tri however had been able to follow his dream to be a painter.
In 2009 he won prize for his painting “Portrait” at the Biennial Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art University. In 2010 he won second prize his work “Innocence” at the South Region Exhibition, HCMC Fine Art Museum.

Tri’s is famous for painting portraits in a very individual style.  His works always extrude stillness and warmth. His characters appear to be introvert, deep in thought and very charming. They invite the viewer to think, feel and connect with them.

Tri has been enjoying painting live portrait and his recent exhibitions were critically acclaimed.

Over the years Tri had staged solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam and overseas (Japan, UK). His works can be seen at many private collections in the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, France, Germany, Italy and the UK.
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