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Phuong Binh

Phuong Binh was born into an artist family with her father being a well known musician. At the age of ten, Phuong Binh enrolled in Nghe An College of Culture and Fine Art for talent students. Binh earned earned her Master Degree in Art and taught art at Nguyen Tran University.  During her career, Phuong Binh won Prizes and Certificate of Merit by the National Association of Young Artists, honoured a Certificate of Merit by the Chairman of People’s Committee of Nghe An. Phuong Binh had been an art lecturer at Nguyen Trai University until recently she decided to devote all her time as an artist.


Phuong Binh’s medium of expression is lacquer, mixed media and ink on handmade paper. She is well known for being one of the pioneers in bringing modern and contemporary contents to the traditional paper paintings. Binh has been a rising star of Vietnam's contemporary art.


Phuong Binh's favourite topic is women. Her works always radiate with power and charm, and the viewer is drawn to listen to the story they are telling. It is about the women's desire to break free, to reach out, be themselves. With generous and fast brush strokes Binh unleashes the power and thoughts hidden behind the beautiful and delicate figures of women. In her own words: "I paint women, their spirit and emotions. I paint their beauty and their inner thirst for freedom."

Phuong Binh was frequently featured in local and national magazines and newspapers. Her works can be found in several collections in Vietnam and overseas. 


1999 – 2015:  Participated in several exhibitions in the Northern Region of Central Vietnam
2005-2010: Ho Xuan Huong Prize
2007: Awarded Prize and Certificate of Merit by the National Association of Young Artists
2008: Honoured a Certificate of Merit by Chairman of People’s Committee of Nghe An Province
2013: Group exhibitions in Hai Phong, with artists Nguyen Thanh Chuong, Ha Tri Hieu, Dang Xuan Hoa and Le Thiet Cuong
2013: Group exhibition “Little Flowers” by young artists in Hanoi
2014: Guest artist at Female Artists exhibition in Hai Phong
2014: Group exhibition “Painting The Women” in Hanoi
2014: Group exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City
2014: Exhibition at Hanoi Art Market
2014: Duo exhibition with Nguyen Phan Bach  in Hanoi
2014: Group Exhibition with Dang Tien Thanh, Tran Vinh and Dinh Quan in Hong Bang, Hai Phong
2014: Group exhibition with Le Thiet Cuong, Dinh Y Nhi, Hoang Phuong Vy, Doan Hoang Lam and Tao Linh
2015: Group exhibition “Goat” in Hanoi
2015: Exhibition at Hanoi Art Market, curated by artist Le Thiet Cuong
2015: Group Exhibition "Gems of Vietnam" in London by Hanoi Art House.
2016: Group exhibition in Buckinghamshire by Hanoi Art House
2016: Solo exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City
2017: Group exhibition in Hanoi
2017: Group exhibitions in Hai Phong and Hanoi, appeared in Hai Phong's Television for exclusive interview

2015 - 2023 Various group shows in the UK (Bristol, Edinburgh, Chester, Cambridge, Tunbridge Wells...) and Bi-annual show in London with Hanoi Art House

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