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Luong Khanh Toan

Luong Khanh Toan is a lacquer artist who took special interest in traditional lacquer painting. He studied art at Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts University and graduated in 1983. In 1997, Khanh Toan staged his first solo exhibition in Vietnam. He also join several group exhibition in Vietnam and overseas including Thai Lan, Singapore, and the UK where his works were displayed in London during Hanoi Art House's exhibition. 
Khanh Toan specialises in lacquer paintings and many of his works portray characters from Vietnamese folklore fairy tales and young ladies in traditional dress, Ao dai. One of his very large lacquer paintings is displayed in Hyatt Hotel Ho Chi Minh City.

​Khanh Toan’s works can be found in several private collections in Vietnam and abroad such as USA,  Japan,  Singapore,  France,  Switzerland. He received awards from Japan-Vietnam International Exhibition in 2001 and from The Literature and Arts Association of Vietnam in 2002. In 2007, Khanh Toan was awarded Third Prize for Zone VI by the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.
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