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Bui Van Tuat

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Bui Van Tuat was born in 1982 in Ha Tay, Hanoi. He studied in Hanoi Fine Art University and graduated in 2007.

Tuat uses oil as a medium to express his passion to portray children. He paints them with love, as in his own words - “I pour my love into the paintings. It always gives me nostalgic feelings – I was there, I did that too…. I can see myself in them. I was a little boy from a mountainous village.” 
In Tuat’s portraits the viewer sees a transient moment of childhood, being playful or just waking up from a sweet dream. 

Tuat is a full time artist and a member of Hanoi Fine Art Club.


2018: “Childhood”, solo Exhibition, Hanoi

2017: “Gang of Four II” exhibition, Hanoi

2016: Korea Art International Grand Exhibition

2016: “Spring – You And Me - Gang of Four” exhibition, Hanoi

2015: Multimedia exhibition, Hanoi

2014: Tet Art fair, Hanoi

2011: Group exhibition in London

2008: Group exhibition for emerging artists, Hanoi

2007: Group exhibition by Hanoi Fine Art Club

2006: Group exhibition at Hanoi Fine Art University

2005: Group exhibition “New Century” 

2004: Student exhibition at Hanoi Fine Art University 

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