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Nguyen Van Duc

                                  Nguyen Van Duc was born in 1976 in Hanoi, Vietnam. He graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University with Master Degree. For several 

                                  years Duc lectured fine art at the University of Art Teacher Training, until recently he decided to work as a full time artist. 





The artist’s greatest source of inspiration is Mother Nature, with landscapes in the northern provinces of Vietnam, and places in the world where he travelled. This reflected in his paintings with a splendid colour palette depicting nature and landscapes in four seasons.
Nguyen Van Duc actively participates in charity auctions in Vietnam. He is a member of Vietnam Fine Art Association. 

2019: “Early Spring” exhibition at Vietnam Fine Art Museum. Individual appearance on National Television featuring “Early Spring” exhibition, March 2019
2018: Group exhibitions in Hanoi
2017: Group exhibition in Hanoi “Vietnam Contemporary Fine Art” – to welcome APEC summit)
2017: “Vietnam-Myanma Charm and Beauty”, Myanma
2017:  “Vietnam Contemporary Fine Art”, Netherland
2017: “Vietnam Cultural Day”,  Austria
2015: National Fine Art Exhibition
2008-2009: Singapore & Hong Kong

2007: Solo Exhibition in Hanoi Nikko Hotel
2006: Group exhibition, USA

2005: Exhibition in Hanoi Hilton Hotel

2016: Third Prize, Northern Vietnam Fine Art Exhibition, Vietnam Fine Art Association
2012: Third Prize, Hanoi Fine Art Exhibition
1999: Student Award

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