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To Ngoc Thanh

To Ngoc Thanh  is a son of Vietnam’s famous painter To Ngoc Van. By the age of eleven, Thanh already had paintings chosen to participate in the annual international painting competitions, becoming Vietnam's youngest person to join such event by that time. His father took him on many painting trips and he spent lots of time with Vietnam's famous artists, including the legendary Bui Xuan Phai. 

Thanh graduated from Vietnam’s Fine Art College in 1962 and went to study art at the Prague Fine Art University where he spent 7 years studying graphics, until 1974. In 1972 he had his first solo exhibitions in Czechoslovakia. 
Beside painting, Thanh also has great passion for writing. He wrote several books and articles about art.
Thanh is a full time painter living in Hanoi. He still travels a lot, especially to Sapa, a mountainous town of the Vietnam’s northern province Lao Cai where he would stay for a few weeks or even months, and paint. His paintings portray real people he met in life, and places he has been to. Hence every painting of his has an interesting story to tell.

During his career Thanh has staged several solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam and overseas. His paintings are hung at Vietnam’s Fine Art Museum, Asia-Pacific Museum (Poland) and several private collections in Vietnam and overseas.
Thanh is a member of Vietnam’s Fine Art Association, Hanoi Literature and Art Association and Vietnam’s Cinematography Association.


- Gold prize during Vietnam Film Festival, 1980

- First prize for cartoon artist, 1980

- Special prize by then Soviet Union (Russian) Press, Moscow

- Prizes for children’s book illustration, 1982, 1983  and 1998

- First prizes for National Graphic exhibitions during 1975 - 1985

- Prize for international children competitions in Vienna, Austria

- Prizes at international graphics exhibitions.

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“Mother Nature has generously given me an endless inspiration for art” – To Ngoc Thanh

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